Twitter – in the Guardian.

I’ve noticed a huge number of articles in the press on Twitter. Was going to post a link to the one I was reading in Tuesday’s G2. However, I had difficulty finding it when searching the Guardian for twitter … 724 mentions of it, of which 25 were this year (so, about 3 a day). In fact, the first 10 items were dated between tuesday & today. Unfortunately, “G2” doesn’t seem to be a field I can search on, so will have to locate it later. (I.e. find the G2 on the living room floor & find select more useful than “Twitter” as a search term!)


Someone called “Debategraph” started following me on Twitter, so I thought I’d investigate a little. I’ve now found his (or her!) home page.
It’s an interesting idea – seems to be related mind maps. The default one was on Obama (with a link to the Independent – wonder if they use them quite a bit) – however, from there I was able to get (via the “Related Maps” link) to The use of Technology in Education. That seemed initially promising, though a little empty at the moment. Whether I can add to it, or whether it’s just the original author, I’m not sure; but I do like the concept.

When I registered, the site wouldn’t let me enter my blog’s home page … told me it wasn’t a valid URL. Huh?! Seems to work fine for everyone else!

Embedded from “Debategraph
(Weird: I copied the “embed” code for the Technology map, but this seems to be the “Educational Policy one” You might have to click the “Technology” link)


I think this is going to be the last “new tool of the day” – Drawter for planning page layouts and then generating the HTML/CSS to support them. It’s not an end point – for example, the max width would seem to be c. 640 px – and not possible to use % for layout. However, it can generate the starting point for CSS etc, which can then be edited.
There are quite a few hidden options – some hand coding will probably still be required, but it’s a good learning opportunity.


I’d signed up to Twistory, after reading about it last week, and really rather like it. When I first signed up, I wasn’t tweeting that much. However, fairly shortly afterwards I was at ReLIVE08 & there was a very active back channel. Suddenly Twitter started to make sense & then I wanted to feed all the #Relive08 tweets into something like Twistory, but wasn’t sure how. Sheila has just posted about using Storytlr to do just that. And it lets me add more than just a twitter search.

I added my Twitter a/c, Flickr & then two RSS feeds. However, when I came to create a story (it would be useful when you have to add ‘end date’ if ‘today’ is prefilled & you only have to edit it if required) – it only offered my my Twitter/ Flickr accounts – though the RSS feeds were already in the story – whether I wanted them or not.


I saw Etherpad on Jane Knight’s blog a few days ago – and thought it sounded good – though didn’t sign up at the time. Yesterday, someone else reminded me of it – so I thought I’d have a look. Unfortunately, it seems that too many others have thought the same as me – so it’s reverted to a closed beta, whiel they work out load issues. It seems pretty powerful from everything I’ve heard – especially when there are more than one editors simultaneously.

Glide OS

I’m just testing GlideOS. It apparently offers you 10GB of storage free, it’s possible to create documents & presentations, to email them to people; to share the desktop with up to 5 users (for free).

It uses popups for the various tools; Firefox though, didn’t let me know it had blocked them, so I was a bit mystified until I tried IE. (It needs Flash 9+, though that wasn’t the problem for me) The “write” & “present” save files as .html; I was able to email them (it sets up an email account on creation), to set up a meeting with the presentation already loaded. The meeting feature seems fairly powerful – appears to offer 4 video streams, as well as text chat, sharing of files etc. There is also “The Cube”, which seems to be a video/music/bookmark sharing facility – though once I’d started a video & moved on to look at the bookmarks, I couldn’t shut it up! Oh, and you can create a website too. Probably more as well …

Seems quite powerful. | Home An attempt to map who’s doing what, where. C’mon Portsmouth, there’s only 7 of us listed, as does Southampton; but Plymouth has 54, and Edinburgh 58!

It’s not the fastest of websites, and adding your interests is a little slow. It’s good, in that there’s a list to choose from – thus reducing the chances of mis-spelling etc., however, not everything is in the list. Bizarrely, given the nature of the website, neither “Social Networking” nor “Web2.0” feature… (Also – “University of Southampton” & “Southampton University” were listed – the latter didn’t have any departments or people. It let me delete it … will I get told off?)

Via: Stephen Downes.

Interesting Route!

I’ve used Googlemaps for some time now to plan routes. It’s now recently started including public transport (seems to be limited to buses) and walking. Given that I’d expect the walking route to take the most direct route, while avoiding motorways, I decided to see what it recommended for walking to Exeter from Southsea. I’m not actually planning on doing this, but several years ago, AutoRoute Express suggested that the most direct route (driving) from Southsea to Exeter was via the Isle of Wight. I wondered, therefore, if it would produce a similar route.
It does require two ferry crossings – but to Guernsey!

280 Slides

I’ve just had a wee play with 280 Slides. I’m impressed. It let me search online for images & videos that could be embedded, and then let me upload it to slideshare. In terms of Presentations, it’s not got too many choices, just a few backgrounds & a few layouts – but given that most Powerpoint options never get used, it’s got more than enough choice.
The layout got a bit messed up on export to Slideshare & the video no longer plays, but it did let me download it to Powerpoint (the video’s been converted to an image at some point).
Downloading direct to Powerpoint from 280 Slides still had the video as an image, but the layout was as I’d left it. It downloads (or can be emailed) as pptx, rather than ppt, which could be difficult if the recipient hasn’t got Office 2007.
It is still in beta, but I think that it’s got potential.
Here’s the original, if you’re interested.