I’d signed up to Twistory, after reading about it last week, and really rather like it. When I first signed up, I wasn’t tweeting that much. However, fairly shortly afterwards I was at ReLIVE08 & there was a very active back channel. Suddenly Twitter started to make sense & then I wanted to feed all the #Relive08 tweets into something like Twistory, but wasn’t sure how. Sheila has just posted about using Storytlr to do just that. And it lets me add more than just a twitter search.

I added my Twitter a/c, Flickr & then two RSS feeds. However, when I came to create a story (it would be useful when you have to add ‘end date’ if ‘today’ is prefilled & you only have to edit it if required) – it only offered my my Twitter/ Flickr accounts – though the RSS feeds were already in the story – whether I wanted them or not.

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