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I think this is going to be the last “new tool of the day” – Drawter for planning page layouts and then generating the HTML/CSS to support them. It’s not an end point – for example, the max width would seem to be c. 640 px – and not possible to use % for layout….

Screen Sharing

Robin Good reviews Citrix’s GoToMeeting. It seems to be a pretty impressive tool, though not Free, so perhaps not ideal for students to experiment with. He also links to a post he made a few days ago, which has an overview of what he feels are the differences between “Screen sharing” and “application sharing” –…


DrawDoc While this is also going to go in the tools section I’m just creating, I’ll also post about it here. I was reading about this in one of Scott Leslie’s posts, and so I thought I’d have a play. In another tab I had Josie’s post about 2006 open, so pasted the first…