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I’ve used (extensively!) Wordle in the past to generate word clouds, but it doesn’t always work with some sites. I’d also used Tagxedo in the past, especially to get Twitter feeds, as it did all the filtering out of user names etc. – that’s what I’d used for the header (the green one) in here. That’s now longer working, due to twitter’s assorted changes.  Today, having actually done a bit more blogging than I had for quite some time, I have redone it using Tagxedo, but on the blog.

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Yet another day ..

… today it’s “Safer Internet Day” (at least in the UK). While I haven’t had time to really look at everything, the UK Safer Internet Centre has a wealth of resources, aimed at those from 3 upwards – including their parents and carers – here’s just one of them.

Safer Internet Day 2016: Red and Murphy talk to Smartie about helping your friends online from UK Safer Internet Centre on Vimeo.

[Not quite sure that a 3 year old could message someone, but perhaps the video is aimed at those who can write, and good to see Vimeo, given how many primary schools block YouTube etc … ]

The slow death of handwriting

The BBC takes a look at te slow death of handwriting. Some points I fully agree with – I can’t read 15th Century writing either (yet like to think *my* writing is clear; no doubt they thought it too, though)
Yes, I do find I don’t handwrite nearly as much as I used to, though I do still like to – and rather enjoy it when I do it. I wonder, however, if making students handwrite exams is difficult; I now have a few colleagues who get students to use computers for essay papers, as well as for objective testing.
I also have a tablet PC – on which I can handwrite, should I choose to – and it can then turn the handwriting into regular text (maybe I should have written this on that, rather than on the PC!)

Happy 40th Birthday, mouse.

On 9th Dec 1968 Doug Engelbart demonstrated what was to become a mouse.
Now, as I look round my desk, I have:


A kitkat mouse (ball)


Trackerball (which I prefer)


Wacom tablet & wireless mouse (all 3 of these are connected to my PC)


Tablet – trackpad & pointer – fingers also work (it generally has a minature mouse attached, but not today)


OLPC’s track pad (not generally on my desk, but I’ve been using it recently)


OLPC’s “joystick” in reader mode.


The N85 – with a trackpad. I used the N-85 to take the rest of the photos – and am incidentally VERY impressed with their clarity!

So, what do I use the most often?

  • PC – it tends to be the trackerball
  • Tablet – mixture – the trackpad is quickest, the pointer more accurate – the miniature mouse is my preferred choice – but can’t always be bothered to get it out (e.g. today!)


Twitter Updates for 2008-11-30

  • N85 – first thoughts.: Once I’d figured out how, exactly, to get the SIM card in – I then tried to g.. http://tinyurl.com/688dy3 #
  • BBC & GMail work fine on the N85, University VLE works. Sort of. Not tried the chat or anything, and the layout’s v. sprawly. #
  • Virtual Worlds.: The BBC’s click have a report this week on Virtual Worlds – looking at Twinity and .. http://tinyurl.com/59n7vs #
  • N-85 TV: Just been testing the video – by watching a BBC trailer. Very impressed! Now wondering how I find.. http://tinyurl.com/69vtm6 #
  • @dajbelshaw oh yes, my Gmail’s gone up to 7268 MB too, can’t say I’d noticed the chat, as I keep it disabled anyway. in reply to dajbelshaw #
  • just about to go & listen to @stephendfry reading Harry P. while lying in my bath. #
  • @mberry LOL! I see I’ll be seeing you in Brighton on Monday. in reply to mberry #

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N-85 Transferring things & more on the TV.

I decided to try to copy my contacts list from my phone to the N85, it all seemed to go smoothly, the Nokia PC Suite moved the contacts etc. However, when I then wanted to send a text, it wanted to know the message centre. I guess were you to get one on contract, with its own sim, rather than taking a (payg) card in/out of an existing phone, it would already know its message centre – rather than having to put the card back in the other one & copy (manually) the centre number down.

I’ve now located some instructions – for things like enabling the predictive text (which wasn’t in the material that Nicola pointed me to, nor was it in the help files on the phone – at least, not that I could locate!)

The particular phone I’ve got has an EU plug … I’d thought I’d got an adapter at home, though, of course, most of my adapters are for me going to the EU, not to plug EU things in. Luckily I remembered that one of my other devices has a dual plug thing on the end – an EU plug plugged into a UK one. (Could do with more of these sockets!)
(Taken at CAU in China)

The text seems to have gone fine, now that I’ve added the messaging centre.

I never did seem to be able to get iPlayer content on it, but I was able to play some ITV previews. However, from reading the iPlayer site, as it’s necessary to download & then transfer to an N95, I wonder if it’s the same for an N85 (which would be a pain, having to install the full iPlayer, rather than using the Flash streaming). Or, perhaps I should just try another programme.

N-85 TV

Just been testing the video – by watching a BBC trailer. Very impressed! Now wondering how I find iPlayer.
I’d been wondering how I selected whether I was using my SIM card to connect to 3G, or the wifi connection when going online. I’ve now realised that when I go straight to the Internet, it wants to use the sim (which, being a mere pay as you go one) doesn’t support it – and it tells me there’s a packet error. However, going to the WLAN icon & saying I want to browser from there, lets me. Just found “Have I got news for you” I hope it’s going to work!