I decided to try to copy my contacts list from my phone to the N85, it all seemed to go smoothly, the Nokia PC Suite moved the contacts etc. However, when I then wanted to send a text, it wanted to know the message centre. I guess were you to get one on contract, with its own sim, rather than taking a (payg) card in/out of an existing phone, it would already know its message centre – rather than having to put the card back in the other one & copy (manually) the centre number down.

I’ve now located some instructions – for things like enabling the predictive text (which wasn’t in the material that Nicola pointed me to, nor was it in the help files on the phone – at least, not that I could locate!)

The particular phone I’ve got has an EU plug … I’d thought I’d got an adapter at home, though, of course, most of my adapters are for me going to the EU, not to plug EU things in. Luckily I remembered that one of my other devices has a dual plug thing on the end – an EU plug plugged into a UK one. (Could do with more of these sockets!)
(Taken at CAU in China)

The text seems to have gone fine, now that I’ve added the messaging centre.

I never did seem to be able to get iPlayer content on it, but I was able to play some ITV previews. However, from reading the iPlayer site, as it’s necessary to download & then transfer to an N95, I wonder if it’s the same for an N85 (which would be a pain, having to install the full iPlayer, rather than using the Flash streaming). Or, perhaps I should just try another programme.

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