• N85 – first thoughts.: Once I’d figured out how, exactly, to get the SIM card in – I then tried to g.. http://tinyurl.com/688dy3 #
  • BBC & GMail work fine on the N85, University VLE works. Sort of. Not tried the chat or anything, and the layout’s v. sprawly. #
  • Virtual Worlds.: The BBC’s click have a report this week on Virtual Worlds – looking at Twinity and .. http://tinyurl.com/59n7vs #
  • N-85 TV: Just been testing the video – by watching a BBC trailer. Very impressed! Now wondering how I find.. http://tinyurl.com/69vtm6 #
  • @dajbelshaw oh yes, my Gmail’s gone up to 7268 MB too, can’t say I’d noticed the chat, as I keep it disabled anyway. in reply to dajbelshaw #
  • just about to go & listen to @stephendfry reading Harry P. while lying in my bath. #
  • @mberry LOL! I see I’ll be seeing you in Brighton on Monday. in reply to mberry #

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