I’ve been trying to get it onto the University Wireless – requires WPA2 etc., also need to have certificate – which I was able to get onto the phone … and to “save”, though not quite sure whether “save” is the same as “install”.
Home was fine – just had to enter the passphrase.

Originally, I’d put the SIM card from my PAYG phone in – but that didn’t have data associated with it. I’ve also got a PAYG dongle – and so put that in. (It’s not that easy to change sim cards … have to have a fairly accurate finger!)

So, have got online wirelessly & also via data service.
The functionality is surprisingly good. I like the way, when, scrolling through a page, it switches to a minature of the page to help you find the bit you want.
The only two site I have had problems with have been the webmail interface for Groupwise email – which doens’t seem to let me scroll much when reading messages. The only way to read a message is to reply to it..

Our VLE isn’t great either … I suspect this actually says more about the apps we’re using, than the phone.

The maps have let me find where I am 🙂

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