Yet another day ..

… today it’s “Safer Internet Day” (at least in the UK). While I haven’t had time to really look at everything, the UK Safer Internet Centre has a wealth of resources, aimed at those from 3 upwards – including their parents and carers – here’s just one of them. Safer Internet Day 2016: Red and…

YouTube – Privacy and Social Networks

This is an information video from the Canadian Government. I think that it does reasonably well in terms of alerting people to the sort of information that they may be making available, without necessarily causing them to never put anything on the Web ever again. Via: Nellie Deutsch‘s facebook page….

Children's Fight Club

Panorama look at the growth of bullying portrayed on various video sharing networks – in particular YouTube and LiveLeak – which has fewer restrictions than YouTube over violent content. The programme included interviews with victims, as well as those who have uploaded videos and managers of the sites. YouTube relies very much on the community…

Stop Cyberbullying Bit by Bit

Vicki Davies has a good range of links designed for “Stop Cyberbullying” day. I also like the new layout for her blog….