I’ve had a few posts recently that have seemingly mangled my blog. From what I can tell, it seems to be things that have iframes.

This morning a student emailed me to say that he’d wanted to comment on a post, but wasn’t able to. I checked a random post and was able to comment, so I thought that it could have been something to do with the server problems we’d had over the weekend, and whatever they’d done to solve it. If that were to mean no-one could comment from outside, I wouldn’t have been very happy. However, I then thought I’d look for the post that he was talking about.

I located it, but, it was most odd. On the home page, it was the post I’d posted. However, when I attempted to post a comment, there wasn’t much content. When I went to edit it, it had somehow got the contents of a different post embedded in it – one that had an iframe. Looking at the list of posts in the admin panel, both were showing, and both showed in the relevant month archives. They just merged themselves when I was trying to look at them on the same page. I’ve now managed to edit them, and remove extraneous iframe references from them.

In the past, I’d found that the Google Notes iframe can cause problems – by inserting some extra code into a post – it’s only if I check the html that I can remove it; it’s invisible in the WYSIWYG editor. Equally, as I tend to use Firefox, rather than IE, it could be that it’s only a problem with Firefox. As far as I can tell, if I’ve got some text in here, and edit it (by highlighting then cutting etc.), sometimes the iframe to add it to Google note book opens up (and sometimes it doesn’t). It seems to require properly closing, rather than just ignoring to ensure that it’s not embedded in the page. So, I’ve missed it a few times, but at least I know now that if the home page suddenly looks wrong, I just have to check the HTML of the last post that’s showing.

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