Someone called “Debategraph” started following me on Twitter, so I thought I’d investigate a little. I’ve now found his (or her!) home page.
It’s an interesting idea – seems to be related mind maps. The default one was on Obama (with a link to the Independent – wonder if they use them quite a bit) – however, from there I was able to get (via the “Related Maps” link) to The use of Technology in Education. That seemed initially promising, though a little empty at the moment. Whether I can add to it, or whether it’s just the original author, I’m not sure; but I do like the concept.

When I registered, the site wouldn’t let me enter my blog’s home page … told me it wasn’t a valid URL. Huh?! Seems to work fine for everyone else!

Embedded from “Debategraph
(Weird: I copied the “embed” code for the Technology map, but this seems to be the “Educational Policy one” You might have to click the “Technology” link)

One thought on “Debategraph

  1. Hi, Emma.

    Thanks for blogging about us and embedding the Debategraph.

    The Use of Technology in Education is a stub map (much like a wiki stub) waiting to be developed—and once logged-in anyone can edit the existing arguments, add new arguments and restructure the map.

    You can see an example of how the maps start to mature via iterative community editing in our latest map for The Independent on the unfolding crisis in Gaza:

    The embed code for the maps changes live as you move around the map; so if you would like to refocus the map above just click on The Use of Technology in Education sphere and then click on the share button (third in from the right at the bottom) to get the intended embed code.

    I discovered you via the Edublogger Twittgroup—and I’m delighted with the discovery!—and the url issue you encountered was due to our overzealous url validation code rejecting the tilde. We have fixed this offline today, and will upload the fix along with our next site update overnight.

    Thanks again for highlighting Debategraph—and if you would be interested in building on The Use of Technology in Education map it would be a pleasure to guide you through the process at any time.


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