Someone called “Debategraph” started following me on Twitter, so I thought I’d investigate a little. I’ve now found his (or her!) home page.
It’s an interesting idea – seems to be related mind maps. The default one was on Obama (with a link to the Independent – wonder if they use them quite a bit) – however, from there I was able to get (via the “Related Maps” link) to The use of Technology in Education. That seemed initially promising, though a little empty at the moment. Whether I can add to it, or whether it’s just the original author, I’m not sure; but I do like the concept.

When I registered, the site wouldn’t let me enter my blog’s home page … told me it wasn’t a valid URL. Huh?! Seems to work fine for everyone else!

Embedded from “Debategraph
(Weird: I copied the “embed” code for the Technology map, but this seems to be the “Educational Policy one” You might have to click the “Technology” link)