Blogging IT and EDucation


LearnScope A useful looking site – with forums and many links for eLearning. There seem to be a lot of good examples of online resources in general in Australia – and of course, they have expertise in distance education (School of the air) for all ages….

Swimming MasterClasses

The BBC now have some Swimming Master Classes online. I’d be interested to know how easy it is to improve your swimming style in front of the PC … and then to see an improvement in your actual style. I suppose if you had one of these then you could study it and swim as…

Sharing Bookmarks A useful site for sharing bookmarks – either with yourself if you have more than 1 computer that you use regularly, or with a group. It’s possible to set various levels of adding/ editing rights for different users, so can be used to generate shared lists of bookmarks. The only problem I’ve found is…

BBC Cbeebies – Something Special

There is currently a lovely site on Cbeebies – designed for young children with learning difficulties. Makaton signs and symbols are used in the site – and so both children with and without learning problems can learn to use signs. It Something Special….


The Flash file demonstrating how to start a blog, was created with Wink, a program that will convert a series of screen shots to Flash. It’s not perfect – I had to try several times to get what I wanted and it’s not right now. I set the screen to 800*600 before capturing, as then…