The BBC’s click have a report this week on Virtual Worlds – looking at Twinity and Near Global.
Both Twinity and Near Global have much better graphics than Second Life.(perhaps explaining why I can’t get Twinity to work on my home PC!). I rather liked the ghosts of people in Near Global; rather than Twinity encouraging you to make an avatar look like you – with your name. It will be interesting to see what actually happens – given that some SecondLife users try to have a name as near theirs as possible – and to make their avatars look as close as possible; others will go the opposite way.
I managed to get Twinity installed on my work PC, but it wouldn’t work – I blame the firewall, however, I’ll try again with work laptop and home network.

In Near, they’re going to only have the “right” shops in the right places. Wonder what they intend to do when the shop doesn’t want to participate.

They’re in the video clip – the first item.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Worlds.

  1. hi,

    please contact our support team at support (at) twinity dot com if you still have problems getting twinity to work.


    1. Hi Jeremy
      I’m still waiting to get to the stage of getting it on my laptop & taking my laptop home … that’s what we did with SecondLife – used it extensively at home before we requested the uni to open the relevant ports.

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