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Once I’d figured out how, exactly, to get the SIM card in – I then tried to get online. It did tell me it was on the Wifi network at home – though when I was browsing, it continually had a “G” in the top corner – which made me wonder how it was actually getting the data.
I did managed to read some emails – Gmail has a fairly good mobile interface, though not sure that I’d have wanted to write a particularly long message; wonder how I can turn predictive text on (and, indeed, if it works online)
The instructions are all in Swedish … and for some odd reason, Nokia UK doesn’t have the instructions for the N-85 on the website – plenty of others in the N-series, just not this one.

Back to the attempting to guess Swedish &/or intution!

4 thoughts on “N85 – first thoughts.

  1. Wonderful! How did you manage to find them! I had a look at the “support section” & they had a drop down list of just about every other phone.

    That looks, however, like exactly the same book as I’ve got in Swedish; so, much easier to understand. Many thanks.

  2. Hi Emma, huge apologies for the delayed response. I can’t remember exactly what I did (sorry!) – the support section sounds right though, I think that’s where I generally go too, but I do know at times I have found things which don’t appear to be where they should be, sometimes by accident – which is not helpful I know, but…

    I asked Mustafa who usually knows all things mobile re the transferring of message centre details, he just said he normally calls the network operator and gets them to send the settings through then install that way.

    Neither of us know anything re iPlayer though, sorry !

  3. I managed to find a lot more useful stuff on line – somehow today I got to the – which does have all the information on – whereas before I’d been going to (directed from the Nokia home page) – the europe site seems much more useful!

    I’ll carry on seeing if I can find out anything about iPlayer.

    Thanks for the interest.

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