ZaidLearn presents a list of tools. It’s quite long, most are familiar to me, though there are some new ones. I’d heard of “DimDim” before, but I’ve not checked it out; Courselab, was new to me. I was sorry not to see Elgg in his list; but perhaps he’s been bitten by the recent hiccups at Eduspaces.

One thought on “A Free Learning Tool for Every Learning Problem?

  1. Hi Emma Duke-Williams,

    Thanks for the promotion of the funny little list 🙂

    Also, thanks for mentioning Elgg. And the real reason for not including it, is because I never took the trouble to explore it. But now that I have, I have realized that it should be in the list and have of course added it (currently item 8) 🙂

    The list is not really exhaustive as I have only added tools and resources that I really like 🙂

    Again thanks for reminding me 🙂

    Highly appreciated!

    Warm Regards,


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