Had you asked me about half an hour ago what a “Pubcast” was, I’d have thought it was a blurry YouTube video recorded down at the Dog & Duck.
However, I’ve just found SciVee, which Stephen Downes and Jane Hart describe as a useful resource for Scientists. It is, but what I think is more useful is the way that they’ve combined a video, publication, references, comments, tags etc., into the “Pubcast”.
I’ve been watching Multipolar Representation of Protein Structure (not sure that I really understand it), which includes links to the references where possible, figures from the paper, and even the ability to add notes.
Videos that aren’t related to a particular publication are listed as “videos”.
As with so many sites, it’s also possible to join communities, though like many other sites, most of the communities that I browsed, while some had associated pubcasts/ videos, didn’t seem to have anything in their discussion boards.

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