Anyone have any bright ideas …

I’ve been using Google Reader for some time now as an RSS feed reader. I’ve just started getting feeds from “feral cat news”, a blog that I don’t subscribe to.

I’ve had a look in my list of feeds, and it’s not there, but I’m getting feeds from it. As it’s a blogspot blog, I’ve checked my old student URLs from several years back, just in case “feral cat news” somehow took over an abandoned blog, altered the name and yet kept the original RSS feed. But I have nothing that has “feral” in the URL, in the name or anything.

Just to test it; I’ve exported my existing subscriptions, deleted them all; and so I’ll see if I get any more news about cats (I’ve searched the OPML file – again, no mention of feral cats)

Anyone have any ideas??

OK. I’ve solved it. I’d subscribed to someone’s shared feed. And she’s into cats. I guess I’d have expected a shared feed to be differentiated from my own in some way.

One thought on “Google Reader.

  1. I’ve just continued through my list of unread messages – several from other sites about cats/ dogs. Weird.

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