I can very much agree with the first part of Marshall Kilpatrick’s review of the World’s Most Popular Twitter Clients.I thought it sounded stupid.” He’s now changed his mind, and has reviewed a range of different twitter clients. I’ve yet to be convinced, as it’s just another thing to have to do. Perhaps part of the reason that it doesn’t appeal is that I see texting as a purely functional thing. I rarely text someone just to say “hi”. Twitter has the same limited character constraints. (And I cn’t txt spk)

I’ve now discovered that Educause have one of their 7 things you should know about Twitter; I’m  beginning to think that I should reconsider, and at least start to find out what it does, even if I don’t get converted.

5 thoughts on “Should I start to twitter?

  1. Oohh… I’m a big Flock fan!
    I’d not found the twitter bits; though I have seen that the newest version (or maybe a couple back) have included Facebook as well as Flickr etc. Guess because Twitter isn’t really on my radar I’ve not noticed it (not that I’m a huge Facebook fan, but figure I ought to know about it).

  2. Oh, thanks.
    I like CommonCraft – especially their videos (though I don’t think they’ve yet done a twitter one have they?)

  3. So have you decided to twitter Emma? The thing about twitter is it saves you time (well sometimes). Most of the educational bloggers are now trying out online tools and networking using twitter — and not always blogging about the tools unfortunately.

    Twitter is one of those tools that you have to use to understand. It’s true power lies in the strength of your twitter network. Fortunately I have a strong twitter network that asks each other questions and helps each other. I do have several of the NP bloggers from the UK in my twitter network that have really got into using it effectively.

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