No, not me … (yet!), but Jason Kaneshiro He’s makes several points, ones that I think that we can all identify with. The first point “Nobody reads my blog” is an interesting point.
When I first started my blog, I wasn’t really expecting anyone to read it, I’d decided to use it for my own purposes. Perhaps I’m not really egotistical enough to have a blog? I saw blogging, however, as a way of enabling me to draw together ideas; I was hoping that at least (some of!) my students might read it.
Over the years that it’s been running, I’ve not had that many as many comments as Jason, though askimet has removed more spam than it has from his blog. The comments I’ve had, though, are generally worth reading. So far, no nasties.
The other day, I installed Google Analytics – and was amazed at the traffic that the site’s getting! I’ve now removed the PCs that I use most of the time from the list. On the assumption that the 18% of traffic originating from Portsmouth is me, that still leaves over 80% of nearly 200 visits since Monday as other people! That’s if you’re reading this on my “main” blog. If you’re reading it on the Eduspaces mirror, I’ve only just installed the tracking there; I’ll be interested to see which gets more traffic, as my gut feeling is that it’s this one.

Is knowing the fact that far more people than I’d ever imagined reading this going to make a difference. I hope not. Is knowing that I have readers around the world going to make a difference. Again, I hope not (though I might try to work out who they are when I start to think about my next travels!)

Via Stephen Downes

4 thoughts on “Some Reasons Why I Nearly Quit Blogging

  1. Hi Emma

    Just a note to say I am reading your posts and that you have reminded me to set up Google Analytics on some of my blogs.


  2. Thanks for letting me know, Rowland. Good luck with your Google Analytics!

  3. Hey, thanks for the link. Also, I am using Google Analytics too, and I keep discovering more cool things about it. Recently I have noticed you can view a range of dates (click the small icon in the right corner of calendar) and even drill down to see a chart of a particular post’s traffic over time.

  4. We have been using analytics since it was in beta and find it useful, although it does take some tweaking and getting used to. I most like that we can track actions against keywords etc..

    Oh and by the way, I’m only in england so not one of your more far-flung readers I’m afraid.

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