Scott Mcleod writes about a school Principal who isn’t able to access a blogging project because the network administrator has stopped it; meanwhile John Connell posts about other problems with administrators banning some services. He’s got a great cartoon!
He’s also got information on the JISC project that allows Wireless users to authenticate with their home university, when visiting another. Portsmouth isn’t yet part of that, which is a great pity; we have an extensive wireless service here – and it would be handy to allow others to use it without having to get guest passes. In addition, as we have an extensive service, many users have wireless enabled kit. Perhaps soon!
Over on the SLED list, similar conversations have taken place..
It can be so frustrating when trying to get ideas going.
Via: Stephen Downes

One thought on “Barriers to blogging.

  1. I have similar problems in my LEA where any website with the name blog in the title ( for example, is blanket restricted.

    This is ludicrous when we, as educators, cannot find relevant and up to date information about our own industry and colleagues.

    Eventually my school will receive a management tool for the filtering, but it is so frustrating when you have to go home to do work!

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