Mark Berthelemy writes about Networks. He raises several useful points (as well as pointing to other work, including a post by Ewan McIntosh)
One point particularly resonates:

Most of us start by trying to maintain a network that is far beyond our capabilities to maintain. We end up with too much to read, and too much to write. There is always pruning to be done to find the nodes that add the most value to you.

How true!

2 thoughts on “The importance of creating a network

  1. Hi Emma,

    That’s right – but then you have to balance that with the need to make sure you’re getting the whole picture, not just one person’s viewpoint on things.



  2. I wrote that comment on a Friday afternoon, when I realised that I had way too many blogs listed in Bloglines & that I wasn’t able to follow that many. I am going to have to get more selective!

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