Josie Fraser writes about the Emerge project – one of the new JISC projects. It sounds really interesting (though I wish it was easier to link to particular posts in Josie’s new blog!)

2 thoughts on “Emerge

  1. Hey Em – lots more to come about the project shortly, now that the site is up. What’s the trickyness with the linking issue? You can click on the post title or the permalink tag to get the post urls – is it not working or just not obvious enough?

    Best, J.

  2. Hi Josie
    It’s when you go to your blog from your home page – you’ve got the frame set so that even clicking “Permalink” keeps you within the frame. I can only get to the the full URL by right clicking & getting it to open a new tab (or, in Firefox, right clicking & getting it to show “Just this frame”)

    Looking forward to hearing more about Emerge.


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