I’ve just been testing LiveLOOK – a Java based screen sharing application. You can’t control the other person’s screen, but you can see it; also, unlike NetMeeting, when specify the applications that you are sharing, this does as it says, shares the screen. I’m using Firefox Portable on this PC at the moment, which has Java on it. HOwever, it’s clearly not properly integrating with Firefox Portable, as when I tried to share the screen on this computer, it redirected me to the download for Java. It worked fine with IE, which has java properly integrated.
I have tried however, sharing a screen on another PC, and I can *see* it fine in Firefox Portable on this one, so I’m guessing that the viewer doesn’t have to have Java installed. (Though most people do)
It’s free till the end of the year; I’m not sure what the pricing will be after that.

Via: Robin Good

One thought on “LiveLOOK

  1. One point – like quite a few sites, they send your password back to you by email – so don’t use the same one as you use for a really secure site!

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