I have decided to deactivate the current tag plugin that I’m using (Ultimate tag Warrior). It was working by converting the categories to tags, and then allowing me to add extra ones. I’d only installed it to see if I was able to use it to generate tags on the Elgg site, but it didn’t really work as intended, as though the tags appeared, they were links, back to this site, rather than linking into the the Elgg tag system (I’m not really surprised). It just seemed to look funny to me – so I’ve removed them.

2 thoughts on “Tags

  1. I’m using Simple Tags and really like it. I found your site through BlogHer – I also have a “geek” blog – would you be interested in trading links or swapping entries with me on our blogs?

  2. Hi Colleen
    Thanks for the comments – one of the problems that I have with tags is that I don’t really like them! I prefer categories, as I know that with tags I’d end up using similar words at times, rather than the same ones, at least categories constrict me!

    The reason that I mentioned Elgg in the original post is because I have another blog on Ellg.net – which is where my students have their blogs. Elgg allows me to import posts from another blog, though (as far as I know) WordPress doesn’t – so I post here & mirror there. I was originally hoping to have a way of moving tags too, but alas, not. Guess it will come though, as I’d have thought it a wanted feature.

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