Towards a String’n’Glue Learning Environment I rather like this – it’s simple -and, if you have a look at the example page, it seems quite easy to build up your own. It’s where having HTML skills comes in useful – there isn’t a tool (yet) to let you build it up – you have to at least use some form of code editor.
I can see definitely see that it has uses.

One thought on “Stringle

  1. To build your own toyou need an OPML source file for the navigation, an html (web) page url for the splash screen (the one in the content window when the page) and – if you want – a url fo r the widgetboc script for your own widget box panel.
    Use them as in the following example –

    s= sets the splash page URL
    o= sets the opml file address

    To create the OPML file from social bookmarking feeds you can use my OPML feedroller, i think?
    Each profile is a folder; the feedroll is a list of folders, each folder contains the rss feeds for a tag from delicious

    If you enter space separated tags, then each tag will get its own row within a folder.
    So entering:
    delicious ticked
    Profile Name Test 1
    User name psychemedia
    Tags web2.0 css (withthe space)
    Hit generate OPML
    will generate a profile (folder) containing 2 feeds from my delcious account – one for the tag web2.0 and one for css
    Add another proifile, thi sis another folder.
    Click generate OPML roll and you get the OPML file containing both folders/profiles;
    copy ansd paste this into a file, save it as whatever.opml, upload it and use the URL to feed the navigation, and you can use delicious to populate the navigation panel.

    No coding necessary, although you do need to mess around with file uploads etc; I;ll work on that maybe…


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