Lilia Efimova has expanded on Martin Dugage’s diagram summarising collaboration tools & trust. I think that I agree with her that IM tools are in a rather different category to say discussion boards, in the same way that what you’d say to someone in a 1:1 situation is often different to what you’d say to them in public. Equally, you’d have 1:1 conversations with a variety of people – some whom you trust totally, and others who you wouldn’t at all.
A very useful diagram.

One thought on “Collaboration Tools & trust.

  1. Thank you for your reflections and for the links. Martin Dugage’s diagram is provocative (in the positive sense) – and so is his affirmation that “There is no point in blogging if you don’t want to engage into conversations”, for instance. Lorenzo Cantoni, who is professor of communications’ studies at http//, has disabled comments in But this blog is still legitimate according to its purpose as a kind of public note book.

    Your comments and Lilia Efimova’s suggestion of adding a “purpose” scale point to an interesting approach (though I am not sure that “trust” and “purpose” scales would work well together). Because several of the tools mentioned in the diagram can actually be used in several ways: Tagging adds surface to the linearity of blogs, the “talk” part in a wiki page could be used as a blog with its own RSS feed, at least at


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