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  1. Glad you found it!
    I’m not sure what I need to do to get the digital divide one to synch properly … I had that space & when I discovered that I can set it up to get the feed from here & mirror it, it seemed like a good idea – as I find it hard enough to keep up one blog, never mind 2!

  2. The working ways of RSS feeds are still a mystery to me, unfortunately. I’ve only recently properly used the podcast with itunes, which I have been updating by hand for months ( or But I gave up having links in the description of each item because they showed as links in feedburner but not in bloglines (or viceversa, I don’t remember) (1)

    And when the back-up for Andy Carvin made by syndication on the digital divide stopped synchronizing at all the day before the official WSIS actually opened, he was too busy in Tunis to look into the problem. So I updated the copy manually by a) subscribing to the daily digests for in html through feedblitz, b) copy-pasting the source of the digests in the digital divide blog. See

    But I was wondering: could the fact that the character encodings for this blog and the one you have at DDN are different play a role in the synch problem (UTF-8 here, iso-8859 there)? The synch works for the importation of into (my external and DDN blogs), but I don’t understand the source of the iobloggo blog.



    (1) Handwriting (handcoding rather) a podcast, without being able to listen to it at boot, is a bit futile and made me feel like the guy crouching in Vaucansson’s fake “Chess player” automat. But I needed a concrete example to convince the others of the ADISI team that podcasts are important. But now that I have itunes, I think it was a good idea anyway.

  3. Hi

    I just made a housewifely test by trying to add your Entries feed feed: at and got the following response:

    “The feed address you entered includes an invalid leading or trailing character in the hostname. FeedBurner cannot resolve an address with leading or trailing punctuation. Try providing your feed’s unique IP address to avoid this problem. (Blogger users hosted on cannot provide a unique IP address. We recommend a hostname that uses only alphanumeric characters.)”

    Then I followed the prompt to use the feed validator which also gave me an error message. Same when I tried to add the feed to a bloglines account ( “No feeds were found. Please verify that the website publishes an RSS feed”.

    Could the ? in the address be the problem, as hinted by feedburner?

    However, if I put in the Safari browser (which has an integrated feed reader), it reads correctly.



  4. Hi Claude …

    It’s all a bit of a mystery I agree. I know that the first time that I tried to link the two (DDN & this one) it didn’t work – so I tried another of the feeds (I generally go to and select which ever looks the best bet at the time! I’m currently using the one that ends wp-rss2.php, rather than the one that ends ?feed=rss2
    I had similar issues with the podcasting thing – had to change the feed that I used there. (I think that one has the wp-atom.php feed now – as does bloglines).

    I think that your idea of the encoding could be the critical factor … though I’ll see what happens if I try changing the feed at DDN, probably to the atom one.

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