As part of a work project ( Learning X ), I’m taking an Open Learn course – the Digital Scholar. I felt very digitally frustrated yesterday, trying to create a profile on the OU website, I’m still not really sure how I finally got it sorted out, as I saved it multiple times, and only occasionally did it update. So, if you’re having difficulties – it’s not just you!

While much of the first week’s material was things I have covered before,  Boyer’s scholarship framework 1 was new to me, in that I’d not come across it, however, the principles weren’t new to me. In many ways, they’re very much like the principles of other models, for example, Kolb’s “Active Experimentation” and “Concrete Experience” seem to me to cover the “Discovery” of Boyer; “Reflective Observation” and “Integration” cover the process of assimilation of the research, while Kolb’s “Active Conceptualisation” is broken down by Boyer into “Application” and “Teaching”.


  1. Scanned version of original 1990 paper
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