I’ve not blogged for ages … in no small part due to my tweeting; but also due to a particularly hectic first semester (now long over) – and the knowledge that we’re just about to move servers. I’ve now got an account on the new server, so spent yesterday mirroring this to there:
The new URL is http://dukee.myweb.port.ac.uk .
The last time that I had to move the blog was when the original server died. That was more fiddly, as I couldn’t ‘prepare’ the database etc. it was all a bit of a surprise!
This time, I’ve used WordPress’s codex – and it’s more or less working, though those permalinks seem to be causing problems again.
Now, just to sort out the permalinks, persuade it to autoupdate things (it is more nearly doing it than the previous system!) and start to blog!

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