That was the working title for the session that Timothy Collinson and I are doing for tonight’s Cafe Scientifique in Portsmouth.
As we’ve been discussing it (on twitter, natch!) it’s been quite hard to restrict ourselves to that – we’ve found ourselves drifting off almost into citizen journalism – in other words when people *wanted* their messages to be heard, rather than those that weren’t.
In many ways, that’s actually the difference between Facebook and Twitter. Most use the former, assuming only their friends will read it, most use the latter assuming the world will. But, sometimes mistakes get made.

Looking forward to it, though Social networking without gadgetry could be fun (that said, it means we’re able to focus on ‘social’ and ‘network’ without having to worry about technology getting in the way. [Just hope the flip chart doesn’t fall over, nor the glue sticks fail…]

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