A couple of conversations last week while on leave – and since I’ve got back, have reminded me that I’ve really got rather behind with the blogging – and also that I’m now using Twitter more and more (not that I needed to be told either!)
Twitter & Blogging
When I first came across Twitter, I really couldn’t see the point. I liked blogging; I liked the fact I could witter (as opposed to twitter!) as much as I liked. It was really the best part of a year between signing up to Twitter before I started to appreciate it; and now I’m blogging less. Not really sure why, as I still prefer the longer posts; I’m still making a lot of draft posts – but Twitter, well, it’s more immediate I guess. They do have different uses though.
Twitter & Facebook
I never really liked Facebook – I wasn’t so keen on using it for personal stuff – but started using it for work mainly because others were. Mostly the contacts on it are work related; though I do have a few others – such as school friends (when we’ve discussed the fact that the PE teacher is *still* there!). The fact that more of my work contacts are now Tweeting has made it fairly easy for me to move away from much active use. That said, in the past two days two people have commented that they’ve had to use it for various purposes – because that’s the choice that was made. That’s one thing that I do find annoying with facebook – if a group decides to use it, you have to. With, say, Twitter, the fact it generates an RSS feed, you don’t have to have an account to see what’s happening.
Who to friend-follow?
Again, interesting differences between Facebook amp; Twitter. Should I accept all friend requests in Facebook? Ans: Not always, especially if I don’t know them well … though I have a feeling that people are more likely to be offended if I don’t friend them in Facebook.

Twitter – should I follow all those that follow me? Ans: No! Even if I ignore all those who seem to be spammers (i.e. following many, followed by few & few updates) – I still tend to be somewhat selective. There are, however, a few quirks; for example, what do I do about someone who’s following me, and one other … and only has a few updates. (And it’s someone I’ve never heard of). Because she’s interesting in blogging for learning (a/c her bio); do I follow her? Ans. In this case “yes”. No idea *why* I was selected, but it seems more of an active selection than using a list or whatever those spammers do. However, I intrinsically feel that Tweeters are far less likely to be offended if I don’t follow them in the way that Facebookers could be. (That said, the Twitters can still know what I’m doing … I just don’t know what they’re up to)…

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