I was on the train yesterday, with very poor mobile broadband – so thought I’d test out Blogging from Word, by creating a post, in order to posting it when I got back here.

Some of the issues I had weren’t Word’s fault – this laptop has a (finger print print controlled) Password Bank. It was desperate to save my blog details – the very reluctant to let me edit them when I realised I’d got the URL wrong.

That sorted, I then managed to publish it! Awful! The formatting was sucked in from Word, badly. It couldn’t cope with lists at all. Finally in desperation I saved it as text, opened in Notepad & pasted in here.

Am going to experiment with Google gears instead!

2 thoughts on “Blogging from Word.

  1. Hi, I am doing a part time MA at the Institute of Education and working on a blog looking at the uses in education. Found your blog while looking for others looking at the same subject. I am working on a blog that will be a digital sketchbook: green&gothic.wordpress.com. I was interested in your blog on the American University that are no longer having on site computers. Alongside an access issue, this demands a level of financial independence that might deny some access to the course, it does change the classroom/lecture room if students are on line in lectures.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for the comments. As to the point about access issues/ affordability for the US students who had their computer labs removed, the original article said that only 4 didn’t have their own PCs when they arrived (not sure how many had laptops & how many PCs). However, from other reading, I think that it’s a Private University (which are much more common in the US than here) – and so I guess making a computer a requirement is something they can do (I know quite a few [private] US unis do)
      Students online in lectures – … well, not sure that having/not having labs makes a difference – they’re either using their laptops in class [and then online or not as the case may be] or they aren’t using them.
      I’ll copy this to your blog, in case you don’t come back!

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