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Several people (AJCann was the first) have pointed me to Twitter Friends. I’ve had a look – I rather like the Network tool.

Twitterfriends1.png Twitterfriends2.png
(Clearly Vicki Davies [Coolcat teacher] is a pretty popular tweeter!

From there I discovered how annoying it would be to follow me on Twitter.

Neither, of course, are to be confused with TweetFriends (which still wasn’t able to explain how either Mendeley_com or Debategraph found me.

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4 thoughts on “Twitter tools.

    1. It’s “micro blogging”. YOu get 140 characters to say what you’re doing. Initially, I just couldn’t see the point, I preferred blogging, as I could prevaricate more about what I was thinking.
      Then, I started to realise they serve two different purposes. Twitter is great for quick questions, updates etc.
      I don’t see it, for me, ever replacing a blog for “thinking space”. It’s much more for the quick notes etc., And, though I’ve not done it much, entirely usable from a mobile device.
      Good to hear from you again! Hope you had a good Christmas & New Year.

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