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Keynote 1: Edward Castranova
Looking Economics in SL – and volume of money involved.

Our workshop
Seemed to go well; was well worth the time spent setting up all those training accounts.

Learning to Walk before you Know your name: Ian Truelove & Graham Hibbert
Using OpenSim to let students learn to work within environment – and then start on to the main grid. Also got them to think quite a bit about names – and what your new name might mean in other languages.

Get Real – This isn’t Real this is SecondLife: Margaret de Jong Derrington
Holodecks for language learning! great – can really practice the relevant vocab!.

Fearing your Avatar: Kathy Trinder
Discussing interviews with staff and their experiences of getting an avatar. In particular – one aspect that came out – the difficulties of “lurking” in SecondLife – in the way that you can in forums.

Workshop – Learning together and Learning alone in SecondLife:
Absolutely fascinating set of resources for research skills – though trying to use a shared lift in SL is interesting….

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