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Social Networking. Stephen Fry (or perhaps his agent) has been keeping a blog with all of his “Dork Talk” articles from the Guardian.
This week, he was looking at social networking; he commented:

MySpace is already as seriously uncool (and as hideously girlie, pink and spangly) as My Little Pony;

Interestingly, at Poke 1.0, the presenters from Neilsen Netrating had that Men aged 35-49 were the biggest users of MySpace (slide 18), despite the comments by Sonia Livingstone that teens seemed to be following the pattern that Fry suggests, they “grow out” of MySpace. (Of course, as Neilsen base their surveys on automated data collection on home PCs, it’s possible that a lot of (younger) teenagers hijack their fathers computers & use MySpace!)

Fry however, goes on to compare the old closed networks of the late 80s/early 90s to Social Networking – and to find quite a few parallels.

The comments are worth reading; not sure if there’s a good editor, or he only attracts those who’ve got something worth saying!

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