Lucy Gray has posed this question in advance of a workshop she’s doing at MacWorld. The first caused me to stop and think and do a bit of research – just when did I write my first blog post? And why. (You’ll have to read the comments in her post if you want to know the answers). However, looking at several of the answers that people have given, most edubloggers seem to have started blogs with, like me, a small audience in mind. Initially it was just me, and my students. I’ve been surprised when I realised how many readers I have – often I’ve found out via other means (such as when I had to move servers & people commented to colleagues that they followed my blog).

Like some of the commenters to Steven’s “Not the Edublog Award winners” post, I’d agree that I’m somewhat sceptical of a list of blogs that’s been voted for. It’s quite easy to influence online voting. While I think that the Eddies are good, and will continue to follow & support them, other lists, such as Stevens or Janet’s list of Women Edubloggers, are useful.
We’ve even got a list up of bloggers in the University, though so far it’s quite short. I’m sure that it will be added to over time.

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