Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, March 2007

Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, March 2007 This is the third of KNight’s lists of “alternative” search engines (i.e. those that aren’t Google). In this list he’s listed quite a few engines that cluster. It was the clustering of Northernlights that I particularly liked when I was doing the research for my MSc (in the days when Google was an “alternative” search engine – all my peers using Altavista)
Though quite a few of the sites in his list are familiar, the “Search Engine of the Month” is new – KoolTorch. [Hmm… I’ve just tested it. No good for “Ego-searching”, but I did get quite a few (predictablish) results for Educational Blogging.]

2 thoughts on “Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, March 2007

  1. This is indeed a very impressive list. One question remains though – none of these search engines are in the main stream yet? Having said that i can see different uses of them!

    Thanks again for sharing


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