Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, March 2007 This is the third of KNight’s lists of “alternative” search engines (i.e. those that aren’t Google). In this list he’s listed quite a few engines that cluster. It was the clustering of Northernlights that I particularly liked when I was doing the research for my MSc (in the days when Google was an “alternative” search engine – all my peers using Altavista)
Though quite a few of the sites in his list are familiar, the “Search Engine of the Month” is new – KoolTorch. [Hmm… I’ve just tested it. No good for “Ego-searching”, but I did get quite a few (predictablish) results for Educational Blogging.]

2 thoughts on “Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, March 2007

  1. This is indeed a very impressive list. One question remains though – none of these search engines are in the main stream yet? Having said that i can see different uses of them!

    Thanks again for sharing


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