Tim Hoogenbooms presents a long blog post (more of a paper really) looking at social learning through the use of Social software (Web2.0). He looks at some of the difficulties inherent in the use of social software for social learning. Long, but well worth reading.
(It is in English!)

One thought on “Sociality and Learning in Social Software.

  1. Emma,

    thank you for linking to my article. The article is stil a concept, and therefore needs to be subjected to further fine-tuning. However, I’m always curious at what others have to say about it. I see that you’re interested in social learning and web2.0 phenomena and it might be fun to discuss these topics in more depth.

    I think web2.0 might revolutionize the way we use the internet and promote user-interaction and social networking, however it needs to become more social and thus more `intelligent’. By adhering social theories of learning, we can give learnersdevelopers directions on how to approach web2.0 services.

    Kind Regards,

    Tim Hoogenboom

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