Visual Literacy have developed a “periodic table” of visualisation methods. I’m not entirely sure if there’s the same sort of linking down the columns as there is in the “real” periodic table. In some cases I could see links, but in others I wasn’t so sure.

Via: Scott Mcleod., who comments

yet another example of the power of the Web over print

I think (hope!) he’s referring to the way that there are the popups over each cell – as to me, in order to *really* benefit from the power of the web, each popup would be a link to an interactive tool to help you build that sort of diagram. I guess you could do quite a few in Gliffy, but not all of them.

One thought on “Periodic table of visualization methods

  1. Hi Emma,

    Yes, that’s what I meant by the power of the Web: the pop-up feature. I, too, wish they had linked each of the pop-ups to something. Either just a .jpg file so I could print some of the pictures or, even better, to a tool such as you describe in your post.

    I don’t think there’s any sort of rhyme or reason to the row / column ordering. If there is, I’m not enough of a graphic designer to see it. I think they just used the periodic table metaphor ’cause it was catchy.

    Thanks for the link. I’m a fan of Gliffy too!

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