Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it

Science Photo Library has been around for 25 years. I read about it, and saw some examples, in the Observer at the weekend. They have an amazing collection of photos -well worth having a look at.

2 thoughts on “Science Photo Library – 25 years on.

  1. Too bad they’re a commercial service and we can’t use any of the photos (well, at least, not at a price we could afford).

    I wonder why the Observer would feature this service rather than, say, a library of freely usable content.

  2. Yes, I hadn’t really realised that when I first looked at the site – I was just looking at their range of photos.
    Luckily I said that it was worth “having a look at” … rather than “a useful resource for projects”.
    But, yes, I really should read things more clearly.
    Incidentally, I think that the Observer was mentioning it due to the 25th anniversary …. and they had several samples, wonder what they had to pay…

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