Doug Belshaw has got a long post, but one well worth reading, looking at the current state of technology in education.
The point that he brings out throughout is that technology isn’t the answer to all ills in classrooms – that teachers have to not only know how to use it, but how to integrate it into exciting, relevant lessons. He concludes:

I’m not saying school should entertain students, necessarily, but what’s being presented should be at least mildly relevant and interesting. After all, we as teachers get grumpy and fractious when single day in-service training sessions don’t pique our interest. Let’s start selling the benefits of educational technology and lead by example

2 thoughts on “Why bother with educational technology?

  1. Hi Emma,

    Glad that you found the post interesting! I think there’s some momentum getting going for using technology to drive whole-school change. With the push towards personalising learning for students, much of this can be achieved using much of the technology and Web 2.0 tools we see used with success by those in the edublogosphere.

    PS What is that in your blog header? 🙂

  2. It’s a photo I took in the western Desert in Egypt (i.e. Eastern Saharah) It was an amazing place, with lots of features of wind erosion. Some of the lumps were 20′ or more high.

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