Google Notebook… It’s Google’s latest idea. Like many of their other ideas, they’ve taken something that already exists (in this case, Firefox’s QuickNote extension – and many others for example). They’ve then improved it; at least, I think that they have; others aren’t so sure.

The advantages as far as I can see it are that unlike QuickNote, images can be included; and, more usefully, it’s associated with a Google account. The site can tell if you have IE or Firefox & the relevant plugin is available to download. Once installed you can select text & send to Notebook – it’s possible to start up a new notebook if required (broadly simililar to the features that QuickNote offers. However, the integration with Google accounts means that it’s possible to access the same notebook from anywhere (as long as the browser has the right plugin); and notebooks can be made public/private (private being the default).

One issue I’ve just realised, is that like Google Pages (and quite a few more things I suppose) there doesn’t seem to be a away of accessing it from the “my Account” link in Google personal. You’d have thought that by now they’d have a list of services to which you are subscribed, and those that you aren’t – all in the same place, rather than having to bookmark them somewhere else. Oh well… still room for improvement.

First seen on Internet Time Blog

(Since posting this, I’ve done some googling, it seems there are quite a few rivals out there … Clipmarks being one of them – and users there have listed quite a few others: I’d not come across Clipmarks before, but it looks worth investigating …)

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