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Someone mentioned that a student may have 5 different blogs – one for each class – and must post content to each blog in order to get “credit” for their work. And, at the end of the semester, the blogs are nuked from orbit. So, not only is a student’s work divided across several quasi-related locations, it is so closely tied to the Class that in ceases to exist after the Class is over.

This is a fear that I have; if we encourage students to keep a blog as part of a unit, how likely is that to happen? To me, a single blog is a great way of helping the students see how the units link up – something a lot find hard. I *think* (hope) that the method Terry & I have for the MSc eLT students, getting them to keep a blog, and then to refer to it, rather than to make x posts will stop that transitory feel that D’arcy wants to avoid. But, what happens when we have other staff using them, and for other purposes?

2 thoughts on “The Vancouver Education Blogging Sessions

  1. I do not see the purpose of the new approach when the students maintain 5 blogs for each class and then they just do away with them as the course is over. This way students will not have an opportunity to view the subject as a coherent system .

  2. That’s sort of what I fear too … that they will do away with blogs after the course. That’s why I think that it’s far more useful to have a single blog, and get students to use it throughout their courses.

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