Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it » RSS2S Or, how to turn your last 10 RSS feeds into a slideshow using S5. If you go to Pascal’s site – and enter the feed of your site into the text box, then you can see the S5 presentation for your blog. If he’s put his code on the site, I’ve not found it (though haven’t looked that closely). Other than for a demo, I’m not sure how useful it would be, but, rather fun anyway.

Once again, I’ve found something that ties in well with recent Wednesday 5s – this week it was Powerpoint replacements – primarily S5. Since then seen I’ve also had a look at Slidy, which is similar, and also has the ability to progressively display bullet points & to expand lists etc. I’ve used S5 myself, though not yet changed all my Powerpoint to it; however, one drawback which I’ve found is the fact that images don’t resize, so careful planning is required. However, Slidy seems to handle it a little better, as far as I can tell.

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