Silktide: Sitescore Results I found Silktide via a link in the WordPress support forum. It’s not an accessibility tester that I’ve used before, so was interested to see how this blog scored. It seems that the scores are out of 10, and so I think that I’m doing quite well. I’d love to know though how it manages to give me 9.2 for accessibility, then to say that it’s not compliant. Can’t help wondering if they’re trying to sell me something.
Rather like the fact that of the 714 sites linking to me, 94 are “quality”. I’ve no idea who those 94 are, much less the dodgy ones (The Askimet plugin has been doing a good job of removing the 100 or so spam comments I’m getting daily, but wonder if all those mobile phone etc. sites are pointing to me…). Apparently it’s ranked 32,623 in the world…
For a comparison, WebAim’s WAVE (which I usually use) gave me five errors (mostly in the side bar for the theme – and probably fixable), and 4 alerts. However, WebAim didn’t pick up on the 34 errors that Silktide did – and clearly penalised me by a whole .8!
The Readability checker at JuicyStudios gave a reasonable report too.
I’ve been using Vision Australia’s WebAccessibility Toolbar in IE to link to a lot of the tools, which makes it easy. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be one for Firefox.

3 thoughts on “Silktide: Sitescore Results

  1. Just changed back to the Kubrick theme – and suddenly it’s scoring 10/10 for accessibility – though the search box hasn’t changed.
    I’m not sure how Silktide work out their accessibility, as it was listing a lot of code errors before, which I think that WebAim wasn’t – however, the lack of label did seem to be a problem for Wave – and Silktide weren’t picking up on it.

  2. Well, after struggling a lot with Silktide’s numerous “accessibility errors”, I’ve decided just to stick to WebAim’s report – which had fewer – and fixable ones.
    There were a few intersting points though. I switched back to the Kubrick theme & that got 10/10 from Silktide; however, WebAim still rejected it on the grounds of it having no label for the search.
    WebAim for my theme had a few alt tags missing, and the JavaScript pointing to Feed2podcast – which I’ve now fixed, so it’s still just the one.
    Silktide however, seems to have lots (currently 86) errors – mostly though missing tags etc., and isn’t worried about the lack of label!
    I think that really sorting it out is going to have to be another day’s task, not one for today.

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