BBC unveils radical revamp of website. The new Website, which includes blogs & home video, aims to focus digital content around 3 main concepts “share”, “Find” and “Play”.
It should allow users to have access to more archived material, via “MyBBCPlayer”, which seems to be the iBBC player renamed. I took part in the iBBC trial, and was somewhat underwhelmed. Programmes couldn’t be transferred from one PC to another, so I couldn’t download them on the PC, and then play on the laptop; it wouldn’t even let me watch them from a shared folder on the PC (Had I got a PDA, then I could have transferred them). They also timed out a week after broadcast – which doesn’t compare favourably with the programmes I taped 15 years ago! The only advantage was being able to watch them, when I’d forgotten to record them.
Another idea is a public service “MySpace.Com” system. I think I’m going to reserve judgement on that for the time being.
There isn’t any indication as to whether or not these services are going to be limited to UK users only; I also read this morning that they are polling international users to see if they want to have advertisements. I imagine that they’ll explain why they need to have advertisements; rather than just asking, as clearly then people will say “No”.
What with this, and Jam that was launched earlier in the year, the BBC are clearly putting a lot of effort into their digital content.

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