Call for internet safety lessons

ust over half had seen pornography on the web, but only four out of 10 said they would tell their parents if something on the net made them feel uncomfortable, she said.

The first statistic is worrying, however, the report doesn’t say how that was broken down across the age range (9-19), nor the split between accidental & intentional viewings.
The second figure doesn’t really surprise me anyway, many children don’t report things that make them uncomfortable to their parents. I’d want to look far more at the details of that, age break down, what the uncomfortable things are etc., before commenting. was launched today to help parents & Becta/DfES have an ongoing project to help teachers teach about the internet.

2 thoughts on “Call for internet safety lessons

  1. Thanks for that! I’ll bookmark them 🙂

    The unit that I teach that would cover that doesn’t happen till next academic year now, but always handy to have resources.

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