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I’ve just been having a bit of a dig round the FAQs at Warwick Blogs, and a couple of things that they’ve implemented which are very much academic related, are the option to have “Follow-ups“, and “Prompts“. The followups allow you to start with an existing post, and generate a new one, with a link back to the original. Hence the new one is at the top of the blog. I’ve done that in the past with a standard link back, but clearly it’s much quicker to find the existing post, and use the “Followup” option, rather than have to copy/paste the permalink (or use a “PressIT” bookmarklet). The prompts, I feel, offer much more than the followups (which, as I’ve just pointed out, can be mimiced within WordPress. What prompts offer is the opportunity for lecturers etc to post a Prompt to their students, to help them organise their ideas. In many ways that’s similar to the scaffolds that are offered in Knowledgeforum, – though rather than existing permanently, they can be added when required.
There are also, as far as I can tell, some “standard” type prompts – e.g A book review(2nd screen shot) .
Overall it seems to be a package that’s well thought out, with regard to the academic needs of the students, yet without neglecting their social needs & interests.
Finally, as I’ve already said, they have cool marketing!

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