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Couros Blog – Frequent Rants from an Ed. Tech’er: Use of Blogging in Undergraduate Courses: My Experience A useful article – Alec started to get students on a course (which sounds rather like my EdCom unit from a quick glance), to use Blogs as a way of working. He’s listed some of the problems – such as getting them all to link to each others, when he found that blogdigger to be better than Bloglines (which is what I’ve been using).

The course blogs were setup as group blogs, however, I really saw little action from the students in the group environment (I would certainly love to know how I could improve participation there)

– I could forsee that being a problem, were I to try it, as it’s hard enough getting students to use their own blogs.
One thing to note, is that he too seemed to have problems getting things on a University server – and resorted to external hosting for the group blog – and got the students to use Blogger / MSN Spaces.
He does hope to have University Blogs by next year – a hope I have too…

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