This quite long article on the JISC eLearning site, looks at web services, and their links with eLearning.

The term “web services”, is used by Scott Wilson to cover RSS, iCalendar (a way of sharing calendars, though it’s not XML based as other services are), and IMS Specification for people & groups (XML based).

Having given an overview of the services, he then moves through the pedagogy, dividing it into 6 categories:

  • Interaction mode
  • Connection mode
  • Engagement mode
  • Structuring device
  • Structural affordance
  • Workflow

Towards the end of the article, he then summarises what he sees the advantages of moving to a more serviced based system – namely choice for the user as far as presentation, content etc goes – so that users can have things optimised for their way of working.
A useful article I feel.

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